Top 5 Tips on How to Select a Wedding Photographer For your Special Day?

Are you going to marry soon? Are you trying to find the best wedding photographer in Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. As here we will give you great tips for the selection of the right photographer for your wedding.


There are several online platforms which can give you detailed information about thousands of photographers based in your surrounding areas. But before visiting these platforms you should know what things you need to consider in a photographer. Several people just see price and photos, and then make the final decision about the selection. But according to me, this is not the right way of selection. You will ask why? Well, here are some reasons for that.


  • Judgment is not easy just with some picks: A photographer cannot post his complete work on any online platform because there are limits of the photo postings. He tries to post his best work online to get new customers. But each person has a different view for a single object. There are chances you may not like his selected work for that platform and may like some other work of the same photographer. Here I just want to say, you should visit a photographer’s website at least 1 time before removing his name from your shortlist.


  • See the Creativity: Many people do the same mistake while selecting a wedding photographer in Chandigarh for their wedding. They give their full focus on the decoration in an image. Its true good decoration and background can add more value to your photos. But a professional photographer can add more value to your images even if you have moderate decoration. The reason, he has the great creativity to add value to a rough environment. So always try to see creativity and imagination of a photographer in his Portfolio.

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  • Dressing Sense: Some people also care about the personality and name of his photographer. They think when people will ask about the photographer, a well-known name will let people know wedding photography will be done in a professional way. But this, not the complete truth. A new photographer’s work can complete the work of a well professional photographer. It all depends on the skills. So you should check the portfolio of your shortlisted photographers on both sides online and offline. And should not give more focus on the personality and dressing sense of the photographer.

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  • Believe Your Eyes, Not Your Ears – When you will ask about a photographer name from your friends or family members they will give you several names. Some of them may have several years of experience and some of them may be new in this profession. So the best way will be check everything at your end and with your own eyes. Don’t just trust your ears and don’t take the decision on others opinion.


  • Talk about the Photographer Style: All photographers are not good in all types of wedding. So you should ask about the wedding style from a photographer in which he is expert. You can also tell him to show his portfolio on your selected wedding style. It will make you tension free.

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