5 Shots That Every Photographer Love to Capture on a Bridal Shoot

Every photographer tries to give his best work to his every client. There are several common wedding poses that each bride, groom and all people know. But even after that photographers try to give a twist in these old poses so that everyone can like his work and couple can enjoy their special day.


In this post, we will discuss top five bridal shots that every top candid wedding photographer in Punjab will love to capture on a Bridal shoot.

  1. Lehenga shot: Every girl spends a lot of time to select a dress for his special day. She goes to several boutiques; browse many online bridal websites and magazines to select a perfect wedding dress. So every good photographer starts his bridal shoot with a lehenga shot.
  2. Getting Ready: Each professional photographer tries to capture the best moments of a wedding. The process of getting ready for the wedding is a part of your wedding story. That’s why photographers capture the excitement and nervousness of the bridal during the getting ready for the wedding by his photos.
  3. Bridal Portrait: After several months of waiting your final day has come. Now you are completely ready for joining your marriage function. Before going to the function hall every photographer clicks picks of the completely ready bride. And this is really a good time to save beautiful memories with picks.

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  1. Bridal Entry: Bridal entry is really a very interesting and important step of a wedding day. Every girl wants to make her entry different. So girls select different entryways according to their choice and wedding decoration. Like 1) Some walk in with a photo ki chaadar overhead, 2) some make an entry while their family holds sparklers 3) some brides go big and enter in a grand palki. Whatever the way of bridal entry all photographers take a lot of picks of bridal entry.
  2. Vidaai: This is the moment which no photographer will miss in any marriage and bridal shoot. However, it’s really heart touching moments when a bride leaves her parents’ home and put steps to her new home. But this time is very important for a photographer as he tries to capture everyone reaction at the departure of the bride.

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